8.11 Strategy Is Key

Now that you’ve discovered and defined your God purpose next step is creating a strategic plan to give you actionable steps to move forward and your purpose.

Tracy gives us a 12 step program to help you succeed

  1. Desire
  2. Action write down actionable steps you can complete small and large that will move you forward in to your purpose.
  3. Write the steps down. Write clear present tense statements as if you’ve already accomplished those tasks or the God dream
  4. Analyze. Review your strengths and weaknesses
  5. Positive impact. List five things that would be positively impacted if you reached your God dream.
  6. Set a deadline. Includes sub deadlines leading up to the largely deadline
  7. Identify obstacles and how to proactively overcome them.
  8. Identify additional resources you will need
  9. Community. Who will you need to help you to accomplish this?
  10. Plan. Write out everything that you’ll need to accomplish this
  11. Visualize. Recognize that this is a god dream. And if it is gods will then it will happen.
  12. Keep going. Don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.

Create a strategic plan using the steps above to help you move forward and your purpose toward your God dream.