8.10 How To define Your God Dream

What is the overwhelming theme that you see have begun to see through your reflection in this series?

To help you find your high-level goal, determine what goal if completed would complete many smaller goals when done.

Today, we are going to take a look at our book recommendation this month, Goals by Brian Tracy.  

Tracy gives us 6 characteristics that help you determine your high-level goal. We are going to use this model and adjust it to define your God Dream. 

  1. You must personally desire the goal
  2. It must be clear and specific
  3. It must be measurable
  4. It must be believable and achievable
  5. It must be reasonable to achieve
  6. You must be in harmony with your other goals

These characteristics are extremely helpful when setting goals.

But we are not talking about just any goals here.

We are talking about your God Dream.

And with a God dream we are going to need to adjust some of these characteristics to match a massive God.

We are going to flip these characteristics on their head to help us define our God Dream.

  1.  REGULAR GOAL:  You must personally desire the goal. GOD DREAM:  You don’t have to desire, want or even have thought of this goal before.  God may surprise you with using ALL of your previous skills and creating a new and exciting DREAM that has all of them in it. And at first you may not even want to do it but if you are obedient to God’s direction something amazing will come out of it.
  2. REGULAR GOAL:  It must be clear and specific.  GOD DREAM:  Often the dreams that God puts in our heart have some specifics but often then are also many unspecified things. For example, when this website was started I knew a few components of what God put on my heart but I didn’t know all the pieces. This stalled me for a while until I learned that God calls us to move in faith even when not knowing all the pieces and steps.
  3. REGULAR GOAL:  It must be measurable. GOD DREAM: Is immeasurable because its purpose unlike other quantifiable things is to bring people closer to God.  While we may be able to measure some things, the ripple effect of a God Dream is immeasurable. 
  4. REGULAR DREAM: It must be believable and achievable.  GOD DREAM:   A God Dream can never be achieved or reached on your own.  It is a dream SOO BIG that ONLY GOD could make it happen.
  5. REGULAR GOAL:  It must be reasonable to achieve. GOD DREAM: God Dreams are not reasonable or practical.  They are amazing and huge dreams that only God can make happen.
  6. REGULAR GOAL:  It must be in harmony with your other goals. GOD DREAM: Works at its own time, in its own way.  

Think about all of this as you define your God Dream.