8.3 Identity is Key

Everything we do comes from who we believe that we are.

Our identity is the cornerstone of all of our actions and of our thoughts.

Therefore, when our identity becomes askew, our lives and our behaviors are lost in confusion and disarray.

Many people are trapped in a prison of an old identity.

This prison holds them captive replaying old scenes from a movie of a life that once was.

That movie becomes a standard feature that they see at all times. And what they don’t realize is at any time they can change to a different movie. Not only can they change the movie. They can create a beautiful new feature.

So how do we do that?

Our identities can be masked in shame, sadness or fear from our past. We walk in these heavy masks, unable to see the hope that lies ahead.

But God…

When you have an encounter with God, He removes every mask, every layer, and gives you a new identity.

He reveals what has always been beneath the masks is the real you. The you that is perfect and beautiful in His eyes.