5.9 When God Is Silent

Why do I feel distant from God? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever heard someone else ask this question?

In times in our life we often feel that God is silent. We wonder where he is. We wonder why he’s not saying anything. We wonder why God is so…distant.

But what if, in reality, YOU are the distant one.

What if you were distancing yourself from God, with your own actions, without knowing it?

As we follow God‘s instruction, we build an intimacy with him. We understand Him in a deeper manner as we speak to, listen to, and follow His directions.

On the flipside, when we don’t speak to, don’t listen to, and don’t follow His directions we are often left feeling lost, confused and stressed.

So how do we get connected again?

Increase your time conversing with God. Conversation = Speaking To & Listening To .

When you have a question, ask God then surround yourself with Him to hear the answer.

Listen to worship music, watch sermons, read books with biblical foundations. He will reveal His answers to you over and over again… if you listen.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

Today, in your journal, write out a conversation with God about something that has been desperately breaking your heart.

✍🏼Write His responses.