5.8 Protecting Your Relationships

The enemy doesn’t just conflict and confuse our relationships with our family…but all relationships of impact.

Maybe your frustration is with your coworkers or your boss. Maybe it’s your neighbors or parents at your kid’s school. Maybe you’re dealing with a situation where you have to deal constantly with an insurance or a doctor’s office and you are at your wits end.

Our relationships with the world are valuable. I will say it once more for emphasis. Our relationships with the world are valuable.

Knowing this, the enemy’s goal is always to cause separation instead of unity. So we must fight to keep our relationships protected.

All these relationships and interactions can be used positively or can be used by the enemy to exasperate you. .

If you have a relationship that is causing you stress, pray for that relationship.

Ask God for wisdom and to reveal how to be a good steward of that relationship. If you need peace, ask God to give you peace, as you interact in that relationship.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

Today in your journal, write out a prayer to God about a relationship that you need peace over.