5. 5 Keeping Focus

“The real enemy isn’t your husband. Or your teenager. Or your brother’s wife. Or your mother-in-law. Or the weather. Or the traffic. Or your sweet tooth. Or whatever powder key of frustration really gets under your skin and sets you off before you can think straight.

The real enemy – the capital E Enemy.

Well..you who know it is.

And you simply cannot keep letting him go unchecked while you throw money and anger and logic and psychology at your problems in a vain attempt at overcoming or outsmarting them. In order to live in victory, you must call the enemy’s bluff, pull the curtain back, open up your spiritual eyes, and remain continually aware of the one who’s truly behind a lot of the stuff you’re always blaming on your circumstances, your upbringing, your boyfriend, or whoever. Even on yourself.”

Fervent – Priscilla Shirer (Your Focus)

It’s easy to lose focus. Social Media moves at the blink of an eye. We are surrounded with information and stimulation. Our focus can disappear before it settles.

But is our focus on the wrong things and who are are we focusing on?

We are quick to put our focus on the wrong enemy.

We say that our boss or our spouse or our friend are out to get us. They are driving us crazy. But in reality, they are not the problem.

Once you know this, it changes everything.

Once we know who our real enemy is, and where to put our FOCUS, the whole perspective shifts.

Change your perspective today when you pray.

Focus not on the people around you but on the real enemy. He is trying to steal your peace, your calm, your patience..you name it he wants it.

You have to keep things in focus as you fight back in prayer who and what your are praying and fighting against.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

Get focused. Today, strategize your prayers with focus on the real enemy. At the end of this week, review back and see how this new process has changed how you pray.