Defeating The Enemy Within

Throughout my life I have always been an overachiever.

This passion for excellence is something that we reward in this world. We applaud it. We encourage it. We are impressed when people have high paying jobs and fancy things.

But these things can leave our hearts and souls empty.

Soon enough, we start trying to fill these voids with anything that might numb the pain.

We go to drinking one glass a night to a few. We shop and shop and shop. We pair up with people who aren’t right for us because we are lonely.

We take something, anything, to numb it all.

Soon you become immune to the numbing. You need something stronger.

And so it goes, pain and numbing, numbing and pain.

An ongoing cycle that we have when all we really want is to feel well, purposeful, and loved.

I started LoveJoyLifeStudio for many reasons but the primary reason was because I had tried so many different things to get over my depression.

The effort of fighting this depression was slowly killing me.

Few people would know this, because like many others who fight this, I would never ever wish them the sadness of knowing this.

Even now, I would rather keep it to myself, not because I am ashamed or embarrassed but because I would rather do pretty much anything then break the hearts close to me.

The past few years, many were surprised at the deaths of seemingly joyful people to mental health.

I was not.

I understood it completely.

It is simple as this one statement.

I never want anyone to feel the overwhelming, all-consuming sadness I have felt in my life. I will comfort them and care for them. I will make them laugh and embrace them. I will do this because I wish someone would have done this for me. I wish someone would have showed me unwavering kindness. I will bring them love and joy.

This is the face of many living with mental health issues.

We struggle and fight a seemingly invisible battle.

And for my story, the only thing that could help me overcome this battle was God.

I searched and studied with God and He saved me, healed me, made me brand new.

As a result, I could not move on, leaving my fellow brothers and sisters of this world behind. I couldn’t leave you to fight your battles alone when I could help you learn what I learned.

I hope that it helps you. I hope that it saves you. But most importantly, I hope that it brings you closer to God because in doing that all things will change in your life.