5.3 10 Enemy Strategies To Combat Against

“And if I were your enemy, that’s exactly what I’d want. I’d want to make you devalue the most potent weapons in your arsenal. I’d strategize against you, using carefully calculated methods to disorient and defeat you.”

“Fervent” – Priscilla Shirer (Opening)

In our first series, Shirer reminded us of the 10 Top Strategies The Enemy Uses Against Us:

Strategy 1: Against Your Passion – Breaks down your motivation to do what God has called you to

Strategy 2: Against Your Focus – Distracting you with time, work, conflict

Strategy 3: Against Your Identity – Has you questioning who you are and your value

Strategy 4: Against Your Family – Creating chaos and separation in your family

Strategy 5: Against Your Confidence – Condemns you for past mistakes and leaves you feeling unworthy

Strategy 6: Against Your Calling – Instills feelings of fear of failure and inadequacy

Strategy 7: Against Your Purity – Leads you to things that will harm you

Strategy 8: Against Your Rest And Contentment – Overwhelms and overloads you

Strategy 9: Against Your Heart – Has you hold the poison of old pains in you

Strategy 10: Against Your Relationships – Creates disconnect and conflict in your relationships with friends and family

These are areas to be aware of and to pray for. When you feel overwhelmed look at this list. The enemy does things so subtly that we often don’t see that he has been strategizing in one of these areas.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

Today, look at the top areas that the enemy attacks, and in your journal, write which areas you feel that you are being attacked in and why the enemy might be attacking those areas.