Learning To Pray Strategically

“I don’t know how to pray.” “I pray and nothing happens.” “I don’t know where to start.”

These are things we often hear. These are things I have said myself. Even being a lifelong Christian, I didn’t understand HOW to pray strategically.

Once I learned, this has made all the difference.

The movie War Room and the book “Fervent” are great resources to show us some ways we can pray strategically.

The strategies are not an after thought or a reactive response but a thought out plan for everyday life.

Much like the need for physical exercise and routine, our spiritual health needs routines and exercise as well.

We should always be spirit-led but we need to build in times to give us opportunities to hear God.


FIND TIME: When to pray. Morning, midday, evening? For how long? Start anywhere. You don’t have to have make this hard to fit perfect ideal. Start where you are. You can start by filling the times you have available. For example, when are sitting in your car waiting for your kids or waiting for an appointment. Pull out your journal and begin to write your prayers out.

CREATE RESOURCES: One of the things that has helped me tremendously is creating a prayer journal. But even if you just keep a notebook with you that works as well. Having that on hand means at any time you can write out your gratitude or prayer or scripture you see or hear. you can also look back at it throughout the week or month or year. Also, we are living in the future so you can just as easily use a notetaking app and a Bible app.