3.8 What’s your label?

“The problem comes when we go beyond confessing our sin (which means agreeing with God about it) and begin defining ourselves according to the sin.”

Steven Furtick – “Crash The Chatterbox” (ch.9)

Whether we notice it or not, we all assign ourselves labels.  Labeling yourself can be a good thing if you are defining yourself in a positive way such as loved, cared for, A Child of God.  

Issues arise in our lives when our labels become negative. Instead of the spirit of conviction that prompts loving correction, negative labels can prompt us into a cycle of damage in our identity.

So how do we know if the thoughts we have are truly negative?

Furtick cites researcher, Martin Seligman, who introduced the concept of the 3 P’s.  The belief is that negative thoughts are defined by three characteristics.

The thoughts must be Personal, Permanent, and Pervasive.

Personal = I, ME (your thoughts are entirely focused on yourself)

Permanent = “It will always be this way.”

Pervasive = Spreads quickly to all areas

The noise in your mind loves labels. Our goal is to make sure the labels we create are positive and life-giving, moving us toward our God Purpose.  Getting caught in a cycle of negative labels and thinking will pull you away from your purpose. Slowly tearing you down until you are far from your original destination.

On the journey towards your God Purpose the road can get tricky. It takes twists and turns. The unexpected is constantly happening. You were going one way and the road has now turned to take you to another direction.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a guide to direct us on this journey? To help us not only decipher our thoughts but our direction in this life?

We do.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

What labels have you given yourself? Are the negative or positive? How has this influenced you?

Daily Affirmation: