3.6 Can You Hear Me Now?

“What are you forfeiting in your life right now because of the force of fear pushing against your faith? Because you’re listening to the wrong voice? “

Steven Furtick – ” Crash The Chatterbox” (ch.6)

Listening to the wrong voice can keep us in a cycle of fear. This cycle is a device that’s ultimate goal is to keep you from your God Purpose.

When we are close to God…When we surround ourselves with the Word of God, When we study, not just read The Word..When we dig deeper into the meaning and the instruction…When we listen to music that glorifies God, When we watch shows reflecting God’s grace, When we read books that give us insight into God’s instruction… When we go to church to be in community with others who will reinforce God’s Word, When we put in action the instructions of God, When He is all around us in this way…

We can hear Him so much more clearly.

Furtick refers to the noise of the world clouding our God signals. This noise drowns out what we NEED to hear. The only way to really hear it..is to get closer to God.

So how do we do that?

We drown out the noise by surrounding ourselves with God.

When we are surrounded by God we can hear Him more clearly.

When we hear Him, we can receive His instructions.

When we hear His instructions, we can step forward to our God Purpose.

LJLS Journal Reflect & Respond:

What are steps you can take today to actively surround yourself more with God and drown out the noise?

Daily Affirmation: