3.0 Series Affirmation

You can impact change in your life by simply being aware of the words you use on a daily basis. Choose the words that you speak over yourself and your life carefully.  

For each Life Design Series, there will be a Series Affirmation for you to use daily to help you focus on that month’s theme.

This month, we will be focusing on being Fearless!

In our own strength, we do, and will, continually fail.

But, with God, we are invincible. You have been playing safe for far too long. Words of the world have told you that what you want are impossible but you know the Truth…You are invincible..simply because of you are.

Child of God..be confident in your life. You are highly favored and greatly blessed by the King of Kings. And ALL He does is for your good.

Series Daily Affirmation: 

Repeat this affirmation every day this month especially when you are feeling anxious, sad, or stressed. You can repeat in the morning when you wake up, or before bed. You can say it as you wait in the car for your kids or while you’re on your break at work. Anytime you feel those negative emotions start to kick in, stop yourself, and be reminded of this affirmation and what it means.