2.1 The Languages of Loving Others

How do we love each other well? One way is understanding how we each think and feel.

There is always one thing I will stress with any group despite the subject that I am teaching. That one thing is that all people have different life experiences and learned behaviors.

It will absolutely improve your interactions with others if you acknowledge these differences and focus on how we can be compassionate to work with them as opposed to against them.

Think of these differentiations as languages.  Alternative communication intending the same message but spoken in variations. Their purpose may be the same but the dialect varies.

The key to communicating to what seems foreign is to learn the language.

I often find myself referencing “The Five Love Languages” when instructing about Communication because this book is a universal methodology. Even this first book gives the impression that it can only be used for spouses but the book and its theories work for Boss & Employee, Parent & Child, Siblings, Friends.

What the book is teaching is compassion and awareness to how we think and how we relate. I am excited to introduce you to these concepts and if you have heard of them before, to refresh you on them.