5 Productivity Apps To Make Your Day Easier

Start the year off right by getting organized!

Here are 5 apps that will help you get things done quicker and easier this year!

Cash App: 
If you ever need to transfer money to friends or family this is a must app for you! It allows you to send money with a click of a button. 
How it works: You create an online account similar to any online shopping site with your credit or debit card. Locate the payee in the system and send any amount to them by entering the amount and clicking “send”. Simple.Fast. Efficient.

Door Dash:
Door Dash is a guilty pleasure of mine. It started when I broke my toe and couldn’t drive but to be honest, I use it almost every Friday for sushi. Like PostMates, and UberEats, Door Dash delivers restaurant meals right to your front door.
How it works: Create an online account and the GPS will locate all the participating vendors in your location. Then choose a participating restaurant and select your meal. Pay through the online account and Door Dash will even give you status updates of your meal and delivery person.

Do you find that you have a million of those loyalty cards laying about? Well StoCard gives you one central location on your phone to house them.
How it works: Add the app and create an account. Then take a picture of the loyalty card barcode or type in the member number. This will sync the account and store it in the app. Any time you need to show your loyalty card pull up the app and click the card which will pull up the barcode to scan in.

I kept hearing about this one over and over again. instaCart works with certain grocery stores to collect your groceries for delivery or pickup.
How it works: Add the app and create an account. GPS will tell you what stores are nearby. Select your store and begin shopping. You can search for any items you would find at the store and when you are ready..select what date and time you want to pick up or deliver. A game changer if you don’t want to get off the car or if you can’t make it to the grocery store. For delivery there is a fee but pickup is free.

This one is designed for the ladies but any smart man will know he should add it as well. This app tracks a women’s cycle.
How it works: The best feature for this is it allows the user to input in additional information to help the predictors. This includes sleep, appetite, mood, energy, etc. After awhile, you will begin seeing patterns of prompts that will let you know what to expect and when. This is a great asset because it allows the user to prepare accordingly for changes.