2019 Life Design Series

January = Guard Your Heart  Focus: Using the Armor of God to Guard Your Heart

February = The Languages Of Loving Others Focus: How To Love Others Using Love Languages

March: Fighting Fear!  Focus: How To Overcome Fear In Your Life

April: Resurrection Power  Focus: How The Holy Spirit Can Save Your Life

May: Prayer is Powerful! Focus: How To Tap Into Your Spiritual Power

June: Faith Without Works Is Dead  Focus: How To Use Your Spiritual Gifts


August:  God Dream  Focus: Tapping into your vision and goals

September:  The Spirit of Excellence  Focus:  How having a habit of discipline will give you a spirit of excellence

October: Healthy Heart & Healthy Body  Focus: How to heal your body by healing your heart

November: Peace & Gratitude in God Focus: Finding your peace with an attitude of gratitude

December: Celebration Mindset!  Focus: How to create a culture of joy in your life